The Company

Gourmet Touring was formed in 2003 by British couple, John & Siân Mears. Their passion for food and wine, combined with their meticulous attention to detail in impartially reviewing and reporting places of interest to visitors of the Bordeaux region, is the cornerstone of GT’s success.

John & Siân have now relocated back to the UK and all elements of the management of the company are now delivered by a local in Bordeaux who works to the same exacting standards and values that John & Siân based the foundations of the company on.

All guests are provided with personalised touring guidebooks in advance of their arrival and everyone benefits from 24-hour support and assistance for any issue or question, once they are in the region.

From a clients’ point of view the simplicity and flexibility of a GT holiday is what makes the experience so enjoyable. The hard work and detailed planning is all taken care of leaving you to enjoy your holiday at your own pace, calling upon local knowledge that is aligned to your own particular interests.