Atlantic Coast

Arcachon, Pyla and Cap Ferret

If you are staying a sufficient length of time in the region (4 or more nights) then you should consider spending some time at the Atlantic coast. It is only 40 miles west of Bordeaux city but offers scenery and interests of a completely different nature to the rest of the region.

There are, of course, wonderful secluded beaches to enjoy but so much more too; oyster farming villages, the largest sand dune in Europe, a caviar farm, boat trips into the Arcachon Basin, scenic villages to explore and naturally great seafood to devour.

Depending on your itinerary GT can either incorporate a day at the Atlantic coast, with you staying overnight in Bordeaux city, or arrange for you to spend a night or two relaxing at the coast. To the south of the Basin is Arcachon that has a lively feel to it. To the north of the Basin lies Cap Ferret that has a more relaxed and chic air about it.

Bordeaux has so much more to discover than solely its wine regions. Let us know your interests and we will introduce you to all that the region has to offer.

See our ready ‘To Go’ 4-day self drive – gastronomy, wine & culture itinerary that includes a day at the Atlantic coast.

Or ask us to design you a tailor-made, ‘Bespoke’ experience with an overnight stay at the Atlantic coast