Wine Tours Bordeaux

Planning on escaping the UK, this Christmas?

Consider the irresistible gourmet-wonderland of Bordeaux. Nothing’s more magical than a wine tour in this region of France.

You could buy some of the world’s finest wines, for friends and family and, of course, for yourself, and also sample some of the most amazing restaurants and tourist sites.

For all the advice you’ll ever need on Bordeaux, let Gourmet Touring help this winter.

With our chauffeured and self-driven wine tours, you’ll see the best of Bordeaux’s wine regions, along with having insider knowledge of the best restaurants, tourist attractions and hotels.

GT offers a wide range of wine tours, from three days and two nights, with two nights spent in the city. Prices include: accommodation and breakfast, various meals, vineyard visits and tastings and a guidebook sent in advance of arrival. Self-drive tours also include car hire with insurance and a pre-programmed GPS.

Our entire philosophy revolves around impeccable customer service. So, if you encounter a problem at any time during your stay, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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