Find the Best Bordeaux Tours

If you’re looking to find the best Bordeaux tours, Gourmet Touring are keen to help. With a decade of unrivalled expertise, the company’s exhaustive research enables us to offer you the complete Bordeaux experience.

Our bespoke itineraries are the best way to see this beautiful area, particularly if you’re a food or wine lover. For many visiting Bordeaux, these two aspects are usually high on the agenda.

Bordeaux is naturally famed for its wine, but as our name suggests, Gourmet Touring specialise in advising upon the area’s gourmet food as well as its fine wines. Whether you’re looking to discover the area’s extensive variety of wine, savour its gorgeous food or learn more by way of a wine class or cookery class, we will help make it happen.

Chauffeured itineraries can be provided but Gourmet Touring have also developed a unique approach to creating self-drive itineraries with pre-programmed GPS guidance. This allows ultimate independence, but with the knowledge and security that every little detail has been thought through and pre-organised.