Bordeaux Wine Region

Bordeaux, in southwestern France, is the most famous wine region in the world. Its wine-making history goes back 2,000 years and although other places have been making wine as long, no other has reached the renown of Bordeaux.

Its wine region is naturally divided by the Gironde Estuary, which separates it into the Left Bank and the Right Bank, but there are also various sub-regions.

Every part of Bordeaux is uniquely governed by laws which dictate the permissible varieties of grape, alcohol levels, methods of pruning and planting, and various winemaking techniques. The Left Bank is predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon based, while the Right Bank is more merlot based. The city itself lies right in the heart of the wine region.

In short, it’s a veritable paradise for wine-lovers, whatever your taste may be. Here the most sought after wines in the world are bought. From delicate whites to powerful long-aging reds and nectar-like sweet white wines, Bordeaux sets the benchmark the world over.

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